Stress is a part of our everyday world and we are constantly reminded of its wear and tear on our lives.  Too often we allow the obligations of life to overrule our need to pause and relax.  Relaxation is a respite from the stress and strain brought on by our busy lifestyles.  It is vital for maintaining health and wellbeing and countering the effects of stress.  It is necessary to help us feel rejuvenated, refreshed and renewed so that we can calmly deal with life’s stressors.  

At Total Relaxation, your stress is our business. Our mission is to offer wellness solutions that promote relaxation and wellbeing in every area of life.  Our products and services have been carefully designed or selected for their ‘therapeutic’ benefit.  Total Relaxation is a store to soothe your everyday stress.

So regardless of your need, whether a massage treatment to help restore balance, a gift of relaxation for a friend, or one of our many wellness classes designed to share information about wellness, our goal is to bring the ‘therapeutic’ power of relaxation to everyday living.


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