College Study Tools®

College studies can be demanding and a challenge for any student. Our College Study Tools inspire success, promote attention, boost learning, offer stress relief, sleep aid, sore muscle recovery, get well soon days, perseverance and celebration days and more... Each toolkit comes with its own special instructions to explain all the benefits of each product and study tools sack.


College Study Toolkit(R) $37

The College Study Toolkit(R) is designed to inspire success, promote attention, boost learning, and reduce stress. This toolkit includes: Special Study Instruction Sheet, Positive Affirmation Cards, Peppermint Lip Balm, Aromatherapy Remedy to Boost Memory, Stress Ball, Spinning Top, and Study Toolkit(R) Sack.


College Exam Survival Toolkit(R) $44

The College Exam Survival Toolkit(R) is specifically designed to help the student feel refreshed, renewed, and re-energized during intense study time. It includes: Special Exam Instruction Sheet, Lucky Exam Stone, Stay Alert Aromatherapy Remedy, Acupressure Massage Ball, Ball Tapper  Massager, Gel Eye Mask, Sleep Balm, and Exam Survival Toolkit (R) Sack. 


College Sleep Toolkit(R) $38

College Stress-Break Toolkit(R)  $35

College Sports Relief  Toolkit(R) $39

College Get Well Toolkit (R) $54

Persevere You Can Do It! Toolkit(R) $49

Celebrating You Toolkit (R) $52 

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