...for the Body


Aromatherapy (1 Hour)

What is aromatherapy? How does it work?  What are the benefits of Aromatherapy?  Who should use it? Learn the answers to these and other questions when you join us for this highly requested class.  Come and experience first hand the therapeutic effects of Aromatherapy on your mind, body and spirit.  The ‘nose’ really knows! It’s a super highway to you sense of well-being.  Cost: $300 for groups up to 20

Give Yourself a Wellness Check-Up (1 Hour)

How much do you know about wellness?  Do you know enough to keep yourself well? If knowledge is power, how much power do you really have?  Do you know how much you weigh? How often you should exercise? What is normal blood pressure, cholesterol, blood Sugar? How much water should you drink?  Learn the answers to these and other questions and boost your potential for a healthier life.  Join us for a fun and interactive class to teach you wellness and to keep you well.  Cost: $300 for groups up to 20

A Sleep Workshop (1 Hour)

Sleep is critical to your health and well being. Did you know that a lack of sleep can contribute to diabetes, weight gain, heart disease and other chronic diseases?  Are you getting enough sleep? What are you doing when the rest of the world is asleep at night? Find out what’s keeping you awake.  Learn how to practice good sleep habits. Learn simple techniques and rituals to help you sleep better every night and take control of your sleep again!  Cost: $300 for groups up to 20

Breathe and Relax!  (1 Hour)

Breathing is essential for life.  Breathing can calm the mind and the body.  It can be used to reduce stress, improve sleep or energize your body. It can lower your heart rate, pulse and respiration.  It’s a great relaxation tool!  This class will teach you how to use the power of breath to improve your health and well being. Stop holding your breath and start living well!  Cost: $300 for groups up to 20