...for the Spirit


Laughter for the Mind, Body & Spirit (1 Hour)

Did you know that laughter can help you feel better, heal better, and be healthier? Who said Stress is no laughing matter? Now, you can ‘laugh’ yourself to health!  Learn to laugh and reduce stress hormones, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain and other major diseases.  You’ll be amazed how “well” you’ll feel when you learn to laugh.  Let us teach you how to laugh to promote health and well being.  People everywhere are learning the real benefits of laughing and living well.  Cost: $300 for groups up to 20

THINK, SEE, AND SPEAK Yourself Well Again (1 Hour)

Your thoughts, the pictures that you see in your head and the words that you speak with your mouth are powerful.  So powerful, in fact, research shows that your thoughts can help to heal your body. The pictures that you see with your mind’s eye can help create a healthy immune system. Your spoken words can help your body fight diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  Learn to think, see, and speak only those things that promote your good health. Cost: $300 for groups up to 20

Creative Visualization (1 Hour)

Visualization is a powerful technique that uses the imagination to create mental images in the mind’s eye. So powerful is this technique that it is being used by major medical centers around the world to aid in the cure of cancer and other major diseases.  Top trainers use it for Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 Companies use it for their business staff. Students, and everyday people like you and me are also using it.  Visualization can have a profound affect on your mind, body, and spirit. Learn to use visualization to help you relax, sleep, lose weight and more. Cost: $300 for groups up to 20

Stress Relief for Grief Relief (1 Hour)

Grief Hurts! It can last for weeks, months or years.  And everyone grieves differently.  Did you know that tears of grief can actually heal the body?

Are you or someone you know grieving now?  Learn strategies to help you cope with grief.  Learn how to eat, sleep, exercise and reduce stress during grief cycles.  Learn how to maintain your health and well being while you grieve.  This class teaches you how to take care of YOU during grief.  Cost: $300 for groups up to 20