Relaxation Retreat for Two (60 plus minutes) $195 or two for $385

Enjoy our relaxing and refreshing aromatherapy treatments, a relaxing massage of your neck, shoulders and back, heat treatments, soothing eye treatments, hot stone treatments for the neck, arms and hands, chilled sparkling cider, luscious berries and sweet chocolates to make our special session an intimate Couple’s Retreat!


A Private Relaxation Spa Party $75 per person (Min. 4)

Learn to relax and enjoy the gift of relaxation.  Our Private Relaxation Spa Party includes a relaxing aromatherapy treatment, a stress relieving massage of the neck, shoulders and back, a heat treatment for the neck and shoulders, our hot stone hand treatment, a relaxing eye treatment, our rejuvenating aromatherapy oils, and our chilled sparkling cider.


A Relaxation Birthday Spa Party $85 per person (Min. 6)

Enjoy all the relaxing spa treatments from our private relaxation spa party and for your birthday we’ve included the party favors and a birthday basket too.


A Bridal Relaxation Spa Party $95 per person (Min. 6)

Keep the Bride-to-Be cool, calmed and relaxed with our Bridal Relaxation Spa Party.  Enjoy the ultimate in pamper treatments, including hand scrubs, hot wax treatments for hands, massage, aromatherapy, heat treatments, hot stone, eye treatments and much more!


Grief (Relief) Session (60 min) $85

 A Relaxation Treatment Session designed especially for Grief Relief. Your session includes a massage of the neck, shoulders, back and arms, a heat treatment, hot stones for the hands, a delicate eye treatment and all the soothing aroma oils to comfort and ease grief.


Gift Certificates Available!

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