Now You Can Offer Them More...

Sometimes an expression of “deepest regret” is not enough. Now, you can offer them more! Our Solace Care® Gift offers healing to those who grieve and conveys care beyond words. It's a gift that helps to ease the grieving process and preserves a lasting memory of their loved one.

Special Features Include:

  • Instruction Card to explain all the benefits of each product.
  • Healing and Affirmation Book for words of comfort and hope.
  • Solace Affirmation Stone & Gift Sack a healing affirmation.
  • Solace Sleep Oil to ease stress and promote a restful sleep.
  • Solace Light Candle offering aromatherapy for healing.
  • Solace Mug & Tea to ease grief.
  • Solace Keep Sake Box to preserve memories and store precious mementos, i.e. rings, jewelry, photos…

Solace Care Gifts Cost: $32.50

*Please specific religious or non-religious

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