Stress Break Treatment (30 min.) $45 or two for $85

A massage of the neck, shoulders,  and back, our heat treatment for the neck, and our 'destressing' aromatherapy treatment.


Relaxation Session (30 minutes) $65 or two for $125

We’ll relax you with our “quieting aromatherapy” treatment, a stress relieving massage of your neck, shoulders and back, our heated neck pillow, our relaxing eye treatment, our rejuvenating aromatherapy oils, our hot stone hand treatment to make your relaxation process complete.


Ultimate Relaxation Session (60 minutes) $85 or two for $165

Enjoy all the benefits of our Relaxation Session above for one solid hour plus a heated massage using our special heated massage stones.


Melt My Heart Session (1 1/2 hours) $145 or two for $285

Our “quieting aromatherapy” treatment, a soothing “hot lotion massage” treatment for your entire body, our “warming stones” for your hands, a tender/snuggle wrap for the upper body, our delicate eye treatment and our refreshing aromatherapy treatment to make your session complete.

Hot Stone Treatment (1 1/2 hours) $145 or two for $285

Enjoy our “quieting aromatherapy” treatment, a soothing “hot stone” massage for your entire body, a soothing wrap for your upper body, our hot stone treatment for your hands, our delicate eye treatment and our stimulating aromatherapy oils.

Our Senior Relaxation Sessions $60 (Every Wednesday) or two for $120

(Seniors 58 and over can enjoy our Relaxation Session at the special discount rate.)


FULL BODY MASSAGES:  Relaxing  $110,  Hot Stone  $145 ,  Deep Tissue $130


Gift Certificates Available! 

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