That Little Something Extra

Our Wellness Gifts focus on the specific needs of our customers and improve the quality of life, in areas of living where it’s important. They offer ‘that’ little something extra for the really ‘big deal events’ of life.


Solace Care® Gift


Sometimes an expression of “deepest regret” is not enough. Now, you can offer them more! Our Solace Care® Gift offers healing to those who grieve and conveys care beyond words. It is a gift that helps to ease the grieving process and preserves a lasting memory of their loved one.

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Conference Tools®

For the Conference Attendee

Conference Tools® help you achieve the optimum level of focus and concentration during a conference, workshop, lecture or brainstorming meeting. They help to deepen focus and attention by engaging all of the senses for peak performance.

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College Study Tools®

Sometimes college with all its demands for studying and exams can be overwhelming. Our College Study Tools® are uniquely designed college packages that focus on the specific needs of the college student during study & exams times. They boost learning, reduce stress and aid in memory retention during study time.

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