WELLNESS: If you can BELIEVE IT, you can do it!

The moment that you are able to believe in your own ability to get well, will be the moment you start to do it.  Your confidence in yourself will be your assurance that you have what it takes to reach your objective. It will create a sense of certainty within you. It will turn on your sensors to find the way.  Solutions will start to pop up all around you.  What looked impossible before will suddenly become possible.  What seemed so out of reach will become reachable. The road to success will open to you and your journey will begin.


Your belief in yourself will help you to summon your inner power to stick with your wellness program.  It will help you to develop a faith that can overcome both doubt and fear. You will maintain your strength and persevere during the toughest times.  You will produce the results that are necessary to achieve your desired goal.  And, if YOU CAN BELIEVE in yourself, YOU CAN have what you hope for. So BELIEVE that YOU CAN and JUST DO IT!



When You are Trying to 'Get Well(ness) What You SAY with your Mouth ...

When you are trying to create a lifestyle of Wellness what you SAY with your mouth is just as important as what goes into your mouth.

Most of us know that you can’t eat JUNK FOOD and expect to develop a healthy body. But did you know that you can’t ‘SPEAK’ JUNK FOOD and expect to be WELL either? Did you know, that what you SAY with your mouth feeds your mind and eventually feeds your body? It’s not only what you are feeding your body, it’s what you are feeding your mind.  Your words have power! Your words can encourage you or discourage you. They can build you up or tear you down.  They can empower you or disarm you.

When you want to develop a healthy lifestyle, you must SAY and SPEAK only what you want. Don’t SPEAK defeat! Your mouth is the doorway to your SUCCESS. Learn to use this valuable tool to SPEAK your way to SUCCESS. So, COMPLIMENT yourself! ENCOURAGE yourself! AFFIRM your wellness goals! SPEAK power into your day! SPEAK power throughout your day!  SPEAK success until you see it!  SPEAK your wellness success until you ‘BE—COME’ IT.



Your Wellness Requires a Pesonal Decision from You!

Your wellness requires a personal DECISION from you.

No matter how much you want to be healthy, long to be healthy, need to be healthy or even desire to be healthy, nothing will change until you ‘DECIDE’ to be it. When you ‘DECIDE’, you settle the matter.  It is then that you begin to ‘COMMIT’ yourself to a successful wellness program. A DECISION stops the vacillation and wavering. It becomes the firm foundation on which to stand and build your healthy lifestyle goals. 

At this point, you literally give yourself PERMISSION to  be(come) well.  It may sound funny or even ridiculous that you need permission to become well. But, you do! A firm DECISION is critical in the wellness process. It is the contract that you make with yourself. It is your agreement to commit to you. It is the driving force that moves you to the next level. It makes your wellness more certain. It arms you with a determination for a favorable outcome.  So, if you are really serious about living a healthier lifestyle, then, DECIDE to do it NOW! Say ‘I give myself PERMISSION to be(come) well!’. If you’ve made your DECISION, congratulations on your wellness CHOICE!




What you THINK determines your ability to develop a healthy lifestyle.


      Your thoughts determine your actions. Your whole wellness,  journey starts with just one thought. Just think how powerful that is! One powerful thought can start to turn your body into a WELLNESS success. It’s like a key in the ignition of a car. It turns on the mind's wellness engine.  Once your engine is on, you must fuel it with a continuous flow of ‘wellness' thoughts and information. If you want a  healthy body you must program your mind to think wellness thoughts.

      At first this will require a conscious effort because, you have been thinking unhealthy thoughts. But now you must renew your mind. You must change your thoughts. You must think positive wellness thoughts.  You must no longer badger yourself with negative  accusations instead you must bombard yourself with positive empowering thoughts. It is just as important to feed your mind as it is your body.  Negative thoughts are to the mind what junk food is to the body.  They both contribute to ill health. To have a healthy body, you must have a healthy mind set. So change your thoughts and change your body!