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When You are Trying to 'Get Well(ness) What You SAY with your Mouth ...

When you are trying to create a lifestyle of Wellness what you SAY with your mouth is just as important as what goes into your mouth.

Most of us know that you can’t eat JUNK FOOD and expect to develop a healthy body. But did you know that you can’t ‘SPEAK’ JUNK FOOD and expect to be WELL either? Did you know, that what you SAY with your mouth feeds your mind and eventually feeds your body? It’s not only what you are feeding your body, it’s what you are feeding your mind.  Your words have power! Your words can encourage you or discourage you. They can build you up or tear you down.  They can empower you or disarm you.

When you want to develop a healthy lifestyle, you must SAY and SPEAK only what you want. Don’t SPEAK defeat! Your mouth is the doorway to your SUCCESS. Learn to use this valuable tool to SPEAK your way to SUCCESS. So, COMPLIMENT yourself! ENCOURAGE yourself! AFFIRM your wellness goals! SPEAK power into your day! SPEAK power throughout your day!  SPEAK success until you see it!  SPEAK your wellness success until you ‘BE—COME’ IT.


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